Meet Exmouth mum and mental health campaigner Kelly-Ann Taylor, in our first Q&A

PUBLISHED: 15:42 21 August 2018 | UPDATED: 15:42 21 August 2018

Kelly-Ann Taylor with her daughter. Ref exe 26 18TI 6509. Picture: Terry Ife

Kelly-Ann Taylor with her daughter. Ref exe 26 18TI 6509. Picture: Terry Ife


This week we hear from educator, mum and mental health campaigner, Kelly-Ann Taylor, about her love of living and working in Exmouth and her vision for better supporting new parents in the town.

What is your connection with Exmouth?

I moved to Exmouth in 2012 to be with the love of my life! Since then we have got married and had our beautiful daughter here.

What’s the best thing about working or living in Exmouth?

There is so much to do here for a young family, we have the beaches, parks and Woodbury Common up the road. I enjoy kite surfing and love the fact that it is such a diverse place for kite surfing, because you can kite in various locations depending on the tides and wind direction. I love working as a private tutor in the Exmouth area, it is a job that I thrive in, as do the children I teach. Exmouth has lots of opportunities to tutor as there are so many families and people living here.

What one thing would you change?

The provision for new Mums in Exmouth. As much as there are lots of groups and activities for children and babies, Exmouth is definitely missing elements that aim to support mums. Especially mums with perinatal mental health conditions. I am actively changing this by setting up and fundraising for ‘Minding Mummy’ – a postnatal mental illness support group and charity based in Exmouth Town.

Use three words to describe Exmouth.

Fresh, bright, changing.

Who is the most inspiring person you know?

A lot of people inspire me for different reasons, some famous and well-known and some not. It’s a soppy one I’m afraid; my Nan is the most inspiration person I know, she has been faced with so many obstacles in her life and has this amazing ability to remain positive and be able to genuinely forgive people who have caused her distress.

What new law would you introduce if you were prime minister?

Oh gosh, this one is tricky. There are so many things that spring to mind, some funny and some more serious... I would insist that new legislation was created to ensure that all companies have to advertise ingredients of products in English on their packaging. I get fed up with not knowing what I am putting on my body, face and skin!

If you were the editor of this newspaper, what issues in Exmouth would you focus on?

Provision for postnatal mental health in Exmouth; holistic living and natural alternatives to synthetic products and harmful chemicals; the current state of schools and the rise of mental health issues in children.

For more information about Minding Mummy or to make a donation, visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/mindingmummy

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