Photo club takes a closer look at macro photography

PUBLISHED: 17:11 06 July 2020 | UPDATED: 17:11 06 July 2020

Frog in Costa Rica Picture: Nova Fisher

Frog in Costa Rica Picture: Nova Fisher


Photo group members have been getting creative with macro and close-up shots.

Iridescent Green Bottle Picture: Sandra MortonIridescent Green Bottle Picture: Sandra Morton

“With photographic opportunities being more limited this summer, our members have been trying out macro and close-up shots,” writes Exmouth Photo Club chairman Ian Bateman.

“A macro photograph is one where the size of the subject is recorded ‘life-size’. This is known as 1:1 ratio, and usually requires a special macro lens or close-up filter. This month’s photographs show a selection of close-up and macro images. Our programme of lectures through Zoom continues to flourish, and has enabled us to book speakers from all over the world. Highlight of the month was a superb presentation from Guy Edwardes, probably the best landscape photographer in the UK. This was a great success, and we had almost 100 people logging in to see it.”

Droplet Picture: Elaine BatemanDroplet Picture: Elaine Bateman

The other big coup for the group this month was that Ian Bateman won a worldwide audio-visual competition with a sequence of images taken of a boat on Beer beach. This was adjudicated by 19 judging panels in ten countries and has elevated Exmouth Photo Group to the global stage.

For more club details visit: www.exmouthphotogroup.com

Colander Picture: Sheila HaycoxColander Picture: Sheila Haycox

Collecting Pollen Picture: Ian BatemanCollecting Pollen Picture: Ian Bateman

Close-Up Picture: Ian BatemanClose-Up Picture: Ian Bateman

Sundew Picture: Stella FrenchSundew Picture: Stella French

Fern Picture: Stella FrenchFern Picture: Stella French

Busy Bees Picture: Sandra MortonBusy Bees Picture: Sandra Morton

Berberis Picture: Elaine BatemanBerberis Picture: Elaine Bateman

Macro Picture: Brian WestawayMacro Picture: Brian Westaway

Soap Bubble Picture: Mike GillanSoap Bubble Picture: Mike Gillan

Tomato Picture: Nova FisherTomato Picture: Nova Fisher

Soap Bubble Picture: Chaz MadgeSoap Bubble Picture: Chaz Madge

Smile Picture: John WickettSmile Picture: John Wickett

Over, Out and in Bud Picture: Peter HyettOver, Out and in Bud Picture: Peter Hyett

Six Seconds Picture: John WickettSix Seconds Picture: John Wickett

Ladybird Picture: Elaine BatemanLadybird Picture: Elaine Bateman

Leaf Butterfly Picture: Nova FisherLeaf Butterfly Picture: Nova Fisher

Enchanted Forest Picture: John PerriamEnchanted Forest Picture: John Perriam

Diffraction Picture: John PerriamDiffraction Picture: John Perriam

Arachnid Picture: John PerriamArachnid Picture: John Perriam

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