Exmouth Town Crier: Roger Bourgein's column

PUBLISHED: 17:08 14 January 2019

Exmouth town crier Roger Bourgein. Picture: Roger Bourgein

Exmouth town crier Roger Bourgein. Picture: Roger Bourgein


'Time, life's winged messenger, has already begun the dance...' - Exmouth Town Crier Roger Bourgein shares his thoughts on the turn of the New Year.

“Once more the year turns upon itself, writing on newly pressed and dried pages the chapter heading 2019.

“Time, life’s winged messenger, has already begun the sequenced dance of clock hands; in fact, it is our fancied imaginations that speeds and slows time.

“For a while let’s reflect.........that heady rush of preparation mixed with worry which presages many family annual gathering, the balancing of budget against the lure of shop and screen window, the intense pain of knowing this is the last close of year a loved one will see.

“Finally, the brakes are off!

“The murmurings of relations, friends, shoppers, fellow singers, drinkers, drivers, bus and train passengers turn into that happy, hail fellow well met, roar of welcome!

“Drinks are supped, food devoured, smiles and hugs exchanged!

“Stories told, loves renewed, memories poured out like classy whisky.

“The lonely are held hands with, the lucky dance with strangers, sometimes more than one at the same time!

“Oh, but that’s always been the norm!

“New Year, may friends be near

“New Year, may tears be joy

“New Year, may pain be laughs

“New Year, may eyes be twinkling

“New Year, may loss be calm

“New Year, may lives be yours

“May each of you I meet be happy to be hugged, for that is all ‘tis to be human!”

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